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1 Oct 2019

The complete critical edition of Liszt's music, an ongoing project with Editio Musica Budapest, just published the first edition of Act 1 from Liszt's Sardanapalo (1852). Byron's Assyrian tragedy Sardanapalus (1821) sees the end of an ancient line of Kings - forbidden...

1 Sep 2019

The impact of digital technologies on music has been overwhelming: since the commercialisation of these technologies in the early 1980s, both the practice of music and thinking about it have changed almost beyond all recognition. From the rise of digital music making t...

1 Sep 2019

Published summer 2019. Nineteenth-Century Opera and the Scientific Imagination is an edited volume that connects discourses pertaining to the staging, production, and reception of European opera with those accompanying scientific innovation and technological thinking b...

1 Jul 2015

This five-year project examines how a scientific-materialist conception of sound was formed alongside a dominant culture of romantic idealism. It brings together musicology, history and philosophy of science as well as sound studies to examine how medical and mechanica...

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